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The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness and Energy Medicine Episode 138

Jerry Kantor discusses the five core existential stresses on people and society today, and our resulting physical and emotional ability to cope. He presents diagnostic insights, specific homeopathic remedies and successful case study examples about the profound connections between emotions and their physical manifestations in illness. The symptoms and syndromes of mind and body that affect body systems, emotions, chakras, cells and cell surface receptors are addressed.

Jerry Kantor

Jerry M. Kantor, L.Ac., CCH, MMHS, is a faculty member of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and owner of Vital Force Health Care LLC, a Boston-area homeopathy and acupuncture practice. He is a graduate of the Advanced International Course on Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Nanjing, PRC and was the first acupuncturist to receive an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Anaesthesiology.

Kantor is the author of Interpreting Chronic Illness, The Toxic Relationship Cure, Autism Reversal Toolbox, Sane Asylums, the Success of Homeopathy Before Psychiatry Lost its Mind and The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness, Homeopathy for Existential Stress. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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"The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness" offers a unique approach to addressing chronic conditions by delving into the emotional underpinnings of illness through homeopathy. While it provides interesting insights and case studies, some readers may find the content complex and challenging to apply effectively.-Barb Crowley



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