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Episode 119: Empaths and Empathing

Empaths, Empathing, Empathics. We’ll discuss all the different types of Empaths as well as Multidimensional Empathing, including Energetic Protection. Suzanne Worthley with her new book ‘Confident Empath’, points us in the direction of how to use your empathic skills and talents and still live a happy empowered life while contributing in a responsible and meaningful way to create a more positive, life-affirming reality on every level of dimension.

Suzanne Worthley

SUZANNE WORTHLEY has been a quantum Energy Healing Practitioner, intuitive, and psychic empath for more than two decades. She offers personal healings, space healings, spirit work, crossing over work, clearing work and vigil/death and dying healing. Suzanne’s work includes teaching individuals and groups and counseling clients on the subjects of energy, healing, personal power, empathing and protection and the Higher Self. She hosts many metaphysical and healing events, including spiritual tours of Peru and Sedona AZ, and offers webinars, meditations, workshops and products on consciousness studies and energy. She has a monthly membership-based online community, Vibe Tribe and a podcast Energy Unleased on YouTube. The author of An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying and now newly released Confident Empath, Suzanne lives in White Bear Lake, MN



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