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Episode 161 - Beyond Words: The Psychic and Telepathic Worlds of Autism

Jes Kerzen, our guest today, brings us into the world of Asher, a student with autism whose remarkable telepathic abilities challenged everything she knew about communication and teaching. Jes opens up about how Asher is not only her student but also her guide into the depths of the spiritual world. Through their unique bond, Jes has gained insights into pre-birth agreements and the language beyond words. Jes not only shares her communication with Asher, but her students' silent and deep intercommunication between each other while in her class. Her special journey with Asher is captured in her latest book, "Mind Beyond Words: My Decades of Discovery with an Extraordinary Guide," a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of spirituality and the untapped powers of the mind.

Jes Kerzen

Jes Kerzen holds a postgraduate B Phil degree and has worked in a variety of educational settings - mainstream, additional needs and alternative within the UK. In her mid 40s, she was head-hunted by a 6-year-old autistic pupil, who told her they'd agreed to work together before he was born. Suddenly she found herself leading a 'secret' life, in addition to the everyday one. As she helped Asher to learn, he started to share his amazing psychic skills with her, and taught her to use telepathy. Now retired, Jes lives in a 350 year old cottage beside Glastonbury Tor, England, and focuses on writing.

"A Mind Beyond Words" is a poignant and compelling spiritual memoir that delves into the unique bond between schoolteacher Jes and autistic boy Asher. The narrative explores their 25-year journey, highlighting Asher's ability to communicate telepathically and share profound wisdom from "The Realms." Jes and Asher's story is both tragic and joyful, offering insights into psychic abilities and the nature of consciousness. This book will resonate with spiritual seekers and those interested in autism and neurodiversity.



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