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Episode 160 - Astrology of the Shadow Self, The Energy of the Eclipse

Today Astrologer Maja D’Aoust and I talk about shadow work and astrology's impact on personal development. Recently rediscovered by modern psychology, the shadow self was recognized in ancient teachings as an inseparable part of the human being, a vital portion of who we are. The ancient Egyptians regarded working with the shadow as a necessary part of spiritual growth, and shadow work practices are alluded to in the oldest writings. We also talk about today’s big questions, about the correlation between eclipses and global events, and how acknowledging and integrating our shadow selves can catalyze societal growth. The shadow self also shines on societal divisions, self-destructive behaviors, the necessity to confront the darkness, and the hope through integration of shadow work into growth is for a positive transition of ourselves and the world in the future. In her new book ‘Astrology of the Shadow Self: Working with Oppositions in Your Natal Chart’, Maja D’Aoust explains how to determine the shadow polarities of our own natal chart and explore the hidden wisdom and challenges of the oppositional identity within. In her book, she shows how finding your shadow planets is easy—they are the opposite sign of the planets in your birth chart. For example, someone with the sun in Libra will have their shadow sun in Aries. Just like the traditional planets of astrology, each shadow planet governs a specific area of human activity: Venus shadows speak of tainted love, while Mercury shadows reveal challenges of the mind. Each of these shadow planets presents a specific type of negative challenge that emerges when opposition arises. Providing vivid examples, Maja details the meaning of each shadow counterpart for every astrological sign and planet that appears in a traditional astrological chart and explains how to interpret and work with their challenges.

Maja D'Aoust

Maja D’Aoust is a professional astrologer with more than 20 years’ experience integrating her master’s degree in transformational psychology into the interpretation of thousands of natal charts. A practicing Witch and scholar of alchemy and occult lore, she is the author of Familiars in Witchcraft, The Occult I Ching, and A Witch’s Bestiary, coauthor of The Secret Source, and creator of a Tarot deck, The White Witch Tarot. She lives in Los Angeles.

Maja D’Aoust's guide to shadow astrology offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and working with the shadow self, as revealed in one's birth chart. By examining the oppositions in the chart, readers can uncover their shadow planets and zodiac signs, gaining insight into the hidden aspects of their psyche. Drawing on ancient teachings and modern psychology, D’Aoust provides practical methods for integrating these shadow elements, offering a path to personal growth and self-awareness.



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