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Episode 150 - Demystifying The Mystical, Exploring Consciousness And Life After

From ancient teachings of indigenous shamans to Celtic folklore, right up to modern day mediumship, Phill Webster takes a practical approach at demystifying the mystical, enabling us to implement ancient esoteric truths in our daily lives.

Phill Webster

Phill Webster is an author, actor, and developing medium. After living abroad and travelling the world for twenty years, he returned to his native England in 2017 and embarked on an acting career. Most notably, he has worked with people such as Elle Fanning, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hardy, and Benedict Cumberbatch, to name a few. At the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexplained event, coupled with a devastating loss, sent him down a completely different path forever. This event prompted a life review, and an exploration into the mystical, which culminated in the Amazon top of the charts book ‘Letting Glow’, and its soon to be released sequel, ‘Glowing Deeper’. In Book One, he documents his journey into mediumship, and sets out to de-mystify the mystical, making the unfolding and development of psychic senses accessible to us all. ‘Letting Glow’ delves headfirst into how we can connect with our highest states of intuition, manifest lives of purpose, realign the connection between our thoughts, consciousness, and our authentic selves, and ultimately, searches for proof that we survive physical death.

What if mystical experiences are real? What if inspiration, instinct, and ingenuity are the same as intuition, divination, and clairvoyance? Letting Glow is an adventure into mediumship and takes a deeper look at how we experience time, consciousness, and our relationship with our higher self.



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