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Episode 10 - Pet Communication - What Your Pets Are Saying To You with Phebe Delaney

Wouldn't you love to know what your pet is trying to tell you? Especially if you have noticed changes in their behavior or personality. Or if there are issues that you don't understand and want to change. You want to help, but how? And what does your pet think of you, your new house, or the new companion you have brought into your home. You want to know what your best friend thinks! Phebe Delaney has helped many people work through their issues with their animals, even those on the 'Other Side', and she is going to give us a glimpse into the world of animals. She will help us discover how to talk to, and more important, listen to our furry buddies. Phebe is a pet communicator who has dedicated her life to helping animals and their humans.

Phebe Delaney

Phebe Delaney was raised in a family of animal lovers and rescuers. At a very young age, Phebe's parents brought home animal survivors that they would nurse back to health or enable to get old enough and healthy enough to join their tribe. Animal conversation is natural to Phebe and she has spent her life as the communication bridge between animals and humans. All animals are open to connecting to Phebe and she finds it easy to chat with any animal. Phebe has continued her family's passion of helping support of Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations. With just a picture, Phebe offers animal communication sessions for you and your animal companions, and gift certificates for the animal lovers in your life. Phebe is also a Tarot Reader for 40 years and offers readings for humans with insight and practical advice. These are available through:



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