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Episode 111: Tea Magic – Scrying, Spells, Rituals, and Divination

Tea Magic. Brewing tea is more than just magic, it is an intimate act steeped in rich history and ceremonial rituals. We'll talk about creating your own blend, properly brew the perfect cup, safely charge your tea with crystals, connect to spirit guides and guardian angels, draw on the influence of the zodiac, scry into your teacup and read the leaves and water, call on gods and goddesses, and set the intention for what you want. as well as learn the history and differences in teas.

Jenay Marontate

Jenay Marontate is the Creatrix of Kitchen Witch Gourmet Tea and the author of Tea Magic. She has been a practicing Kitchen Witch most of her life and has had the freedom and joy of being brought up magical, this has allowed her to move through the world as a magical being and use her talents to create a line of edible magic. Tea for love, tea for sleep, and of course I offer The Spice of Life.



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