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Episode 115: Atlantis and Gaia-Magic, Reincarnation, Covid and Earth Healing

As a clairaudient and telepathic, Diana Rose has been in the enviable position of being able to ask her soul guide direct questions. And she receives direct answers! She has shared these answers with us, giving us a different view of life on earth from a spiritual angle. She has, and shares, this information on Gaia, Atlantis and our roots in the Atlantean culture, our march toward materialism, the power and charisma of celebrities, and their impact on us. Diana has the lowdown on George Harrison and John Lennon, their past lives and their impact on this world. Why did they come and change the world? Join us today for a new view of our physical and spiritual world.

Diana Rose

Diana Mary Rose is a psychic medium, a Reiki and Sekhem Master of the Healing Arts, and a classically trained homeopath. Her clairaudient and telepathic abilities are profound, and she uses those skills while writing. Telepathy means that she can chat away with Source in an uninhibited manner, and that comes through in her writings. Her lively style reflects the world upstairs which is free of Earthly concern. She is supported by her spirit guides, her alter egos, past family members and other souls who have a part to play in her book work. Her unique style is her gift to the world, for within her writings are to be found profound truths as well as celebrity gossip. Her writing is playful but also purposeful for, through her storytelling style, she shows the reader how karma and reincarnation works. She has a degree from Exeter University in English Medieval Studies and has worked as a professionally trained archivist. Both these areas of expertise have contributed greatly to her ability to research subject matter with a rigorous eye for detail. She asks hard hitting questions of her team, and that rebounds with bold and bright answers from the Spirit Salve, the healing entities she works with. Today she lives and works from her home in Rutland, UK.



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