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Episode 164 -Journey to Kundalini, Unveiling the Divine Feminine

In today’s episode, Angie Kay, (Angie Kraft-Meldahl) marks her third appearance on Metaphysics: A View Through The Veil. Today, we dive into Angie's new book, 'Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess,' covering Angie’s transformation and insights into the healing arts, Akashic Records, and hand analysis. Angie shares her personal story of overcoming medical challenges through alternative healing methods, leading to her profound Kundalini awakening experience. She discusses how Kundalini energy, the mechanism behind spiritual awakening, fundamentally changed her, making her more sensitive to the world yet capable of navigating it with a higher frequency and expanded consciousness. Angie's journey illustrates the importance of embracing the Divine Feminine and Kundalini energy for personal growth and transformation.

Angie is an intuitive Divine Feminine embodiment activator and coach who believes that you deserve a juicy soul-led business and life. Angie specializes in empowering awakening women, spiritual female entrepreneurs and lightworkers. She assists you to liberate your inner goddess and unleash your creative potential, paving the way for vibrant success. She helps you leave behind outdated ideas of success and the exhausting, masculine grind of constant pushing and competition. Angie helps you activate and embody your divine feminine essence, transforming your journey into one of joy, pleasure, sensuality, purpose, financial abundance and bliss. She believes a woman doesn’t need to operate from overly masculine energy in order to be successful. Instead, Angie teaches you how to heal and harmonize your inner masculine and feminine energies. This balance allows your authentic self to radiate. Through her Goddess courses, retreats and one-on-one sessions, she helps women give themselves permission to embody their feminine qualities of—intuition, creativity, sensuality, empowerment, compassion, wisdom, softness and strength. Her approach combines intuitive coaching, energy work, law of attraction, guided meditations, channeled sound activations and the perfect amount of structured strategy. This unique formula assists you to ascend to new heights of success, accomplishing more and doing less.

"Creation Codes" is a heartfelt and insightful guide to the profound journey of awakening. Drawing on personal experiences, the authors offer a compassionate exploration of Kundalini awakening, soul embodiment, and the pursuit of one's highest purpose. This narrative celebrates the transformative power of embracing the Divine Feminine and navigating the emotional and spiritual landscapes of personal evolution.



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