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Episode 127: The Healing Energy and Power of the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians are working to expand our consciousness and heal our bodies and soul. Who are the Pleiadians and why are they so powerful with such deep healing energy? Pavlina Klemm with share the Pleiadians' view of Earth, our place in the Cosmos, and why the Earth is so important. What can we do to help?

Pavlina Klemm

Pavlina Klemm is a healer, medium and educator who is trained in quantum healing, Eric Pearl’s reconnective healing, Körbler’s New Homeopathy and Russian healing methods. She teaches people how to use Pleiadian techniques. Born in Czech Republic, she has been in contact with the spiritual world since her childhood. Since 2010, she has been a channel for the Pleiadians. Her books are bestsellers in all German-speaking countries. Pavlina lives and works near Munich, Germany.

Books by Pavlina Klemm: Light Messages from the Pleiades: A new matrix of the galactic order (available since April 2023)

Pleiadian Soul Healing: Light Messages for Cosmic Freedom (available for pre-order, available on Dec. 5th, 2023)



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