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Episode 128: Breaking Through The Illusion of Being Powerless

When you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, just keeping your emotions in check seems like a full-time job. Yet, what may hold you back in life, even more, are your survival patterns. Have you ever wondered why you make yourself invisible, procrastinate or please others to get their approval? Our subconscious employs survival patterns to protect us from rejection, failure and hurt. But these patterns disconnect us from our true selves and innate ability to live an empowered life of purpose, fulfillment, and self-reliant confidence. Dr. Friedemann explains how to break free from the six most common subconscious survival patterns and make authenticity and confidence your everyday way of being.

Dr Friedemann Schaub

Dr. Friedemann, a physician with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, left his career in allopathic medicine to pursue his passion and purpose of helping people overcome fear and anxiety without medication. His research and advice have been featured in many publications, including Nature Medicine, Oprah Magazine, Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Teen Vogue, and Shape. For more than twenty years, Dr. Friedemann has helped thousands of his clients worldwide to break through their mental and emotional blocks and become the empowered leaders of their lives.

His newest best-selling book, "The Empowerment Solution" - Six Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential with the Subconscious Mind, focuses on activating the healing power of the subconscious mind to switch out of stress- and anxiety-driven survival mode and make authenticity and

confidence the everyday way of being.

Dr. Friedemann is the host of the “Empowerment Solutions” podcast and lives between Seattle, Washington, and the South of France.



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