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Episode 131: The Core of Being Spiritual

We are exploring the fundamental fabric and governing principles of all Creation as put forth in Robert Althuis' first fully channeled book, Love + Truth. Robert reminds us of the intelligence of Life itself and the principles that govern this entire universe, this book of inner wisdom culminates in unequivocally demonstrating how Love is the animating force of all of Creation, the intelligence and energetic fabric that underpins our physical world of atoms and molecules, and that which unites all of us. This is the essential Truth encoded within every ancient wisdom tradition, all Indigenous spiritual beliefs, and all ancient civilization prophecies since antiquity. Truth then is the only way.

Robert Althuis

Robert Althuis is a spiritual coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of Sacred Wealth Collective, a holistic wellness organization dedicated to embedding Love+Truth as foundational spiritual principles for an awakened humanity rising to its full potential. A profound spiritual awakening experience in 2015 activated his intuitive gifts of Clair cognizance and clairsentience. His second book - Love+Truth - set to be officially released on Sep 12th is Robert’s first fully channeled work. In 2021, he published his first book titled "Never Enoughitis" which is an Amazon bestseller. As a spiritual teacher, Robert is both a celestial philosopher and a renegade real world change agent. A certified medium, he holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and was once a Fortune 100 executive and successful real estate and private equity entrepreneur.



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