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Episode 137: Encore How Past Life Regression Can Free Us To Live A Happier Life

We all carry emotional baggage that effect our lives, sometimes to the point of crippling our ability to live a happy, full life. Much of this emotional baggage is caused by locked-in emotions from past traumas. Can these issues have their roots in traumas from previous lives resulting in persistent depression, phobias, anxieties, weight, confidence, sexual, relationship, addictions, and physical illness and can past life regression free us of these psychological, and physical, burdens. Steve Burgess, a world renowned hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist, explains how this can be accomplished and shares the stories of the people he has freed of these afflictions to live healthy, happy lives.

Steve Burgess

Steve Burgess is one of the world's leading hypnotherapists and past life regression specialists. He has completed many thousands of past life regression sessions, helping his clients with a wide range of issues, including phobias and anxieties, depression, lack of confidence, weight issues, addictions, physical illness, sexual problems and performance anxiety. Most of his work involves using hypnosis to regress people back to the emotional root causes of their problems, often back into previous lifetimes. His YouTube channel 'Hypno4all' features free hypnotherapy recordings. He is in demand as a hypnotherapy trainer and his work has been featured on TV, local and national radio and in many publications.

He can be found at:

His new book: The Power of Past Life Regression is available now through all booksellers.

Free Hypnotherapy recordings on YouTube channel



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