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Episode 144 - Birthrite Codes, Energetic Codes and The Purpose of Life

Today we explore the divine blueprints that shape the essence of our existence. Our Guest Today, Medium Emi'lea Malkinson, guides us on a fascinating journey into the heart of our spiritual DNA, unveiling the unique birthright codes bestowed upon us at the very moment of conception – our seed point, and the energetic codes that impact them. These divine keys, she believes, hold the map to our life's purpose, intricately woven into the fabric of our being. Do we have free will? Emi’lea shares the memories of her pre-mortal time and her own birth and arrival in this life. Tune in as we unravel the mysteries of our spiritual DNA and embark on a quest for self-realization with Emi'lea, right here on "Metaphysics: A View Through The Veil." Emi'lea also has a special gift for our listeners today!

Emi'lea Malkinson

Emi'lea, MA, ALFMT is a renowned medium, energy therapist, and source-code intuitive. Founder of The Ascension Institute, Emi'lea helps clients tap into their birthright codes, unlocking their unique spiritual gifts and divine life purpose. The goal is a lighter and brighter you. Emi'lea takes clients on a transformative journey bridging the soul with the intuitive guidance of our highest self. To learn more about Emi'lea and embark on your transformative journey, visit the official website at The Ascension Institute offers classes and one-on-one sessions for healers, lightworkers and intuitives interested in learning modalities for working with the light body and energetic birthright codes. Emi’lea, Founder of The Ascension Institute offers one-on-one coaching as well as group sessions in areas such as Ascension, Akashic, Starseed, and Frequency readings.



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