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Episode 147 - Mental Health, Demonic Possession and Exorcism

Explore the fascinating intersection of mental health and demonic possession with Alobar Jones, a Mental Health Healer and Exorcist. Embarking on a transformative journey, Alobar shares how his path to exorcism commenced with the 12-step program for alcoholism, leading to a profound exploration of spiritual dimensions and a quest for knowledge in India. Join us as Alobar delves into his discovery that demonic beings coexist in our world and, when unchecked, can significantly contribute to the onset, aggravation, and prolongation of mental illness. Uncover the origins and purposes of these entities as Alobar sheds light on the crucial process of their removal, ultimately restoring mental well-being. Don't miss this insightful discussion on the unseen forces impacting our mental health and the empowering realization that they can be effectively expelled for a renewed sense of balance and tranquility.

Alobar Jones

Alobar Jones' odyssey began with a personal struggle against alcoholism, leading him to embrace the transformative path of the 12-step program. This initial step sparked a profound spiritual awakening, propelling him into a dedicated study of demons and their influence on the human psyche. His insatiable quest for understanding took him to the sacred lands of India, where he immersed himself in a comprehensive exploration of spiritual dimensions. As Alobar delved deeper into the esoteric knowledge surrounding demonic beings, he uncovered a startling truth – these entities are not merely figments of folklore but tangible forces that can profoundly impact mental health. Through years of dedicated study and practice, Alobar honed his skills as an exorcist, specializing in the removal of demonic influences to restore mental well-being. Alobar Jones stands as a beacon of wisdom in the intersection of mental health and the supernatural. His unique insights, gained through personal experience and extensive study, have positioned him as a compassionate guide for those grappling with the unseen forces affecting their mental equilibrium. With an unwavering commitment to healing, Alobar brings hope and empowerment to individuals seeking liberation from the spiritual challenges that intertwine with their mental struggles.



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