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Episode 149 - Spiritual Insights Brought Back From Near Death Experiences

Death isn’t the end of life, it continues. Near Death Experiencers return from the other side with insights that are essential for humanity. Doug Hodgson, my guest today, has done extensive research on numerous near death experience reports and shares the wisdom they received and were sent back to share. Humanity is now entering a new phase of consciousness expansion and elevation in which science and spirituality are converging. These insight are essential wisdom that mark a shift in our collective consciousness.

Douglas Hodgson

Douglas Hodgson is a dual citizen of Canada and Australia and a lawyer and Dean and Professor of Law residing in Perth, Western Australia. He undertook postgraduate legal education at the University of London before embarking on a 35-year career in higher education in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as a teacher, researcher, author, human rights advocate and university administrator. His areas of expertise include International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Civil Law and Causation Law. Professor Hodgson has authored and published 30 peer-reviewed law journal articles and six books.

His newest book is: Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil: What Humanity Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience (2023)



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