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What is consciousness? When in an induced coma, have the guardrails come down and allowed us to travel between worlds, to past lives, to the future? Some are living a full life with families, jobs, homes only to wake up to a completely different reality. Others are left to question whether they touched levels of existence previously confined to fantasy or whether they teetered on the brink of this life and the next. Coma is not what you think. What is real? What is consciousness? Coma - Gateway to Other Realities.

Alan Pearce

Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster, former BBC correspondent and author of several books. He has contributed to numerous publications, from Time Magazine to The Sunday Times of London. His newest book: Coma and Near-Death Experience: The Beautiful, Disturbing, and Dangerous World of the Unconscious.

In their poignant and enlightening book, Alan and Beverley Pearce delve into the profound and often surreal experiences of coma survivors, shedding light on the mysteries of consciousness. They reveal the risks associated with medically-induced comas and advocate for safer, more compassionate alternatives for critically ill patients. With a compelling blend of science and storytelling, this book challenges conventional medical practices and offers a compassionate perspective on the nature of consciousness and the human experience.



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