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Episode 62: Entering the Mind – Deepest Secrets of Tibetan Buddhist Tradition

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C von Hassett and Rachel Reid Wilkie lay open the deepest secrets taught in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of meditation through Dzogchen, the highest wisdom practice known to man. They share the simple step by step exercises to reach this state of intense higher consciousness, and to have the confidence that you have reached it. You won’t need to go live in a cave in the mountains of Tibet, or decades or lifetimes to access this deep state of meditation and consciousness. They will discuss your experience of emptiness and incredible spaciousness, and the freedom that lies within!

C Von Hassett & Rachel Reid Wilkie

C von Hassett and Rachel Reid Wilkie are, as they say, co-conspirators in all things – with heavy emphasis on spirit – which together they’ve been exploring since the day they met. Throughout the years they have collaborated on numerous projects in the Arts, both in Los Angeles and New York City. Their time in the East Village culminated in a monumental exhibition, Documents of Love, at the famed Hosfelt Gallery in Chelsea, where the couple exhibited a diverse body of work – poetry, paintings, photography, a short film – to the attendance of thousands. Upon returning to Los Angeles, C von & Rachel founded Riot Material magazine, a now thriving and widely read literary-cultural magazine with its eye on Art, Word, and forward-aiming thought. Rachel and C are the rare married couple who not only work and create together, but practice together day after day, side by side, often knee to knee, in the singular pursuit of knowing the deeper self beyond the conceptual self – that timeless, eternal Being which births forth the temporal one. To that end, the Pandemic Years saw the couple in contemplative retreat at their high-desert ranch in the Northern Mojave, a sacred landscape which sits just below the 12,000-foot peaks of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. Here, beyond their full immersion into meditative practice, C von wrote Entering the Mind, while Rachel delivered to the world her inaugural spoken-song album, titled XI.



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