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Episode 97: Mediumship - Before We Were Born

Kathy Dayan had a dream, lost her sister to an unexpected death, then her sister ‘returned’, opening the door to a journey of mediumship with insight into reincarnation, soul mates, soul families and pre-life planning. Kathy wrote a novel, ‘ Before We Were Born’, to help others experience and receive the information she has received from her ‘family’ on the other side. Her husband, Edan, also joins us to tell what it is like to be the grounding force as Kathy channels the many members of their spiritual family.

Kathleen & Edan Dayan

Ten years ago, Kathleen Dayan worked as a lawyer and wrote in her spare time. Some personal losses led her to a spiritual journal that ultimately resulted in her channeling the spirits of her loved ones and spirit guides and teachers. The information she received changed her perspective and her life, and she left the practice of law to write a novel based on the principles she learned. Her husband, Edan, joined her on this journey and serves as a grounding force for her while she communicates with Spirit. Kathleen is the author of L.A. Ice, Before We Were Born and children's book Cape Cod Bear. She is a sober alcoholic, a lover of animals and all things spiritual. She resides in Plymouth, Massachusetts.



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